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Safely upwards
Production and sale of aluminium ladders, stepladders, bridges and working platforms incl. accessories.

ALVE spol. s r.o.
č. pop. 80, 742 73 Veřovice
Česká republika

TEL.:(+420) 556 880 211
FAX:(+420) 556 880 210

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Welcome to the web site of company Alve spol. s r.o., the biggest producer of aluminium ladders and stepladders in Czech Republic. We have been operating on the czech market since 1992, you can find us in pictoresque village of Veřovice (in the middle of city triangle of Nový Jičín, Kopřivnice and Frenštát pod Radhoštěm)


Getting ready to gather the fruits? Need to safely change the light bulb? Your roof asks for a new painting?

We offer you practical and safe helpers, you can hardly imagine your future without. Just take a look at our detail range of ladders EUROSTYLE, FORTE and other products. While EUROSTYLE line in green-black colour was thanks to lightened materials and simple manipulation designed for target group such as gardeners, family house and cottage owners or common light use in plants, professional line FORTE in perfect yellow-black design fits the most demanding needs of professional users. HOWEVER: both lines of products, EUROSTYL and FORTE, passed severe tests and acquired certificates of SZÚ Brno and also prestigious german test shop TÜV Cologne. Our ladders max. load is 150 kg, for all of our products we offer warranty.
Our assortment is completed by special insulated fibreglass ladders, one and two-sided bridges ans also steel and aliminium working platforms.

An important part of our procuction range are also one and two-sided stepladders, which thanks to low weight and easy manipulation very usefull help in your house, apartment, store, office or school. Easy instalation and practical use, that is our linen dryer.

Do you like anything from our offer? You do not have to worry about the transportation,  goods ordered for final customer in min. valou of 500 Kč without VAT we will deliver all over the Czech Republic at our costs. In case of order oh lower value we charge aditional postal fee - 100 Kč.

We wish you a full satisfaction with our products.

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